Advantages of air transport:

Speed of delivery For now, air transport delivery is the fastest way on average and long distances shipments.
Cyclic transport Most of the goods are delivered by regular route, which allows you to plan carefully each stage of transportation.
Possibility to deliver goods to distant places Sometimes, cargo delivery by air transport is the only possible way of delivery of cargo. The only condition is the availability of a suitable runway.
Safety Short delivery times and well coordinated work of airport services ensure maximum safety of the carried cargo.

BGT offers a full range of services for air transport:

  • Transportation of cargo from 10 kg to scheduled flights;
  • Door-to-door delivery of goods;
  • Registration of all necessary documents;
  • Cargo Insurance;
  • Loading and unloading cargo at airports and terminals.
  • Goods transport in customs transit;
  • Customs clearance of goods in the country of origin;
  • Consultation on transport issues;
  • Online control of freight loading;
  • Storing, consolidating and repackaging cargo at transhipment points.