7 years
60+ employees
540 customers
15 000 orders

We work for those who appreciate:

Quality and excellent prices

The company is based in Poland, which allows us to work without problems with European partners in the same legal field. There is no language barrier, our specialists fluently speak in Polish, Russian, English. The presence of our own magazines in the immediate vicinity helps us to efficiently, carefully consolidate and process the load.

Reliability and peace of mind

All our contractors are undergoing thorough security checks. We only work with reliable partners. All cars that carry goods to our customers have CMR insurance policies. The carrier's liability is insured at 500 000 euros. Our professional experience allows us to anticipate and quickly solve the problems of our customers in transit.

Service and convenience

We appreciate the time of our clients, so we choose to fill out paperwork and work in a format that is convenient for customers. The transport process is under constant control and our customers receive the status of the order and the location of the cargo daily until 10:00. We are in touch 24/7 and we are ready to help solve the problem at any time.

Our partners: