Groupage cargo delivery

We deliver goods from 50 kilograms

Customs clearance in Europe and the CIS

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Delivering a small package as part of a groupage shipment is the most cost effective delivery metod

The main advantage of groupage loads is that one vehicle carries loads from different customers, which opens up possibilities to pay only for the space occupied by the load, not for the entire transport.


Import / Export


Import / Export

Import / Export


Types of deliveries

Road transport

Great combination of price and delivery time Cargo delivery FTL and LTL

Railway transport

The best ratio of delivery time and cost Delivery of containers and consolidated cargoes

Air Transport

The fastest and most expensive shipping method Air transportation of cargo from 20 kg

Sea shipping

The most economical shipping Full containers (20 and 40 feet) and consolidated loads

Delivery of consolidated cargoes

All types of transport Delivery of cargo from 50 to 15000 kg

Types of cargo

warehouse 3
  • Building materials
  • Chemicals
  • Furniture
  • Domestic and industrial chemicals
warehouse 3
  • FMCG
  • Electronics
  • Toys
  • Textile
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  • Dangerous goods ADR
  • Machines & production lines
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Medications

How we deliver groupage loads

We undertake the organization of groupage cargo transportation from anywhere in Europe
Extensive experience, competent specialists and the availability of our own vehicles with the possibility of loading goods on 2 levels (doppelstock system) – this allows us to carry out high-quality transports on time and at the lowest price.

  1. We collect the cargo from the sender in Europe
  2. We deliver goods to a consolidation warehouse in Warsaw
  3. We check the correctness of registration of commercial documents
  4. We carry out export clearance of goods
  5. We deliver the goods to the indicated place in the vehicle with collective loads

We offer the following services: